Welcome to the International Energy Agency's Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme

The IEA-EBC Programme is an international energy research and innovation programme in the buildings and communities field. It enables collaborative R&D projects among its 24 member countries. We provide:

  • High quality scientific reports
  • Summary information for policy makers

High Priority Research Themes

  1. Integrated planning and building design
  2. Building energy systems
  3. Building envelope
  4. Community scale methods
  5. Real building energy use
Annual Report

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides an overview of progress made by the EBC Programme, including summaries of new, ongoing and recently completed projects.

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EBC News

EBC News

The latest news about EBC can be found in the twice-yearly newsletter EBC News.

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The June 2019 edition features articles on:

  • Building Energy Futures for Belgium
  • A New EBC Strategy to Tackle a Growing Challenge
  • LowEx Communities - Optimised Performance of Energy Supply Systems with Exergy Principles
  • Energy Flexible Buildings
  • HVAC Energy Calculations in Building Codes
  • New EBC International Projects

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EBC Secretariat (ESSU)

Mr. Malcolm Orme
+44 (0)121 262 1920

Latest News

AIVC Annual Conference
The 41st AIVC - ASHRAE IAQ joint conference will be held in Athens, Greece, between 14th - 16th September 2020.

AIVC Annual Conference
The 40th AIVC Annual Conference was held on 15th - 16th October 2019, in Ghent, Belgium

16th IBPSA International Conference
The 16th IBPSA International Conference took place in Rome, Italy, between 2nd - 4th September 2019.

EBC Technical Day June 2019
The EBC Technical Day June 2019 was held in Brussels, Belgium on 11th June 2019.

SSB 2018
The 10th International Conference on System Simulation in Buildings was held in Liège, Belgium, between 10th - 12th December 2018.

National Energy Efficiency Conference 2018 
The National Energy Efficiency Conference 2018 took place in Sydney, Australia between 19th - 20th November 2018.

ISEC 2018 - International Sustainable Energy Conference
The International Sustainable Energy Conference 2018 "Renewable Heating and Cooling in Integrated Urban and Industrial Energy Systems " was held in Graz, Austria between 3rd - 5th October 2018.



IEA-EBC: Pre-Recorded Webinars

Renovating Buildings with Cost-Effective Reductions in Energy and Carbon Emissions - Findings from IEA EBC Annex 56, held on 8th November 2016. Watch the webinar and download the slides.

Learn about IEA EBC's ambitious R&D and outreach to achieve near-zero energy use  - Watch the recorded presentations and download the slides from a webinar held on 18th February 2014.

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