The EBC Research Strategy

The IEA 'Energy in Buildings and Communities' Programme carries out research and development activities toward near-zero energy and carbon emissions in the built environment. The R&D activities focus on the integration of energy-efficient and sustainable technologies into healthy buildings and communities. EBC's mission is to develop and facilitate the integration of technologies and processes for energy efficiency. Download Strategic Plan (PDF 4.2MB)

Many current and former researchers from EBC projects are often directly involved in formulating standards, regulations and codes and will use the knowledge gained in their work for EBC to inform and improve them. This indirect form of deployment can be one by which the Programme has a strong although less obvious impact.

EBC projects and activities have produced long-lasting decision-making tools and integrated systems technologies. Outcomes from the Programme are publicised through many seminars and conferences.

The R&D strategies are derived from research drivers, national programmes within IEA countries, and the IEA FUTURE BUILDINGS FORUM Think Tank Workshop, held in April 2013. The R&D strategies apply to residential, commercial, office buildings and community systems.

EBC is one out of eight Building Related Technology Collaboration Programmes (BRTCPs) within the IEA's energy technology network.

High-priority Research Themes

  1. Integrated planning and building design
  2. Building energy systems
  3. Building envelope
  4. Community scale methods
  5. Real building energy use


EBC Secretariat (ESSU)

Mr. Malcolm Orme
+44 (0)121 262 1920