IEA EBC Annex 83: Library workshop for Urban Platform: Use of data libraries and catalogue concepts for energy systems, occupancy, green roofs and other urban domains

July 12, 2021, 9:00 - 11:00 AM EST
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

Workshop presenter: Kai Brassel, Hamburg/Germany

Participation link:

The goal of the workshop is to understand data modeling for urban scale applications and to implement such data models in catalogues. These catalogues could be a basis to share information with country specific performance and/or cost data.

Background reading: Kai Brassel shared a tutorial that he wrote especially for domain experts: Kai (Guest): How to Create Parameter Catalogs for Simulations (posted in CERC NextGenCities Platform / Parameter Catalogs at 20. April 2021 19:30:35 MESZ). NOTE: if you don’t have access to Concordia Teams, you can find it here as well:

The document gives some „historic“ context - IT and project wise - in chapter one. Second chapter, then, explains step-by-step how to practically start with data-modelling. Again, not all technicalities may be important for the first read, but at least you should digest, and ideally exercise, the chapter „How to Implement Parameter Catalogs with Eclipse“. In there you find further references on data modelling, and especially you should carefully look at the 18 slides about Object Oriented Modelling and Domain Models by Steve Easterbrook (University of Toronto,