2nd Expert Meeting - Annex 89

June 20-21, 2024
TU Berlin

The IEA EBC Annex 89 Expert Meeting, held on June 20th and 21st, 2024, in Berlin, Germany, convened leading experts in the building sector to advance discussions on implementing net-zero whole life carbon (NetZ-WLC) buildings. Organized by Thomas Lützkendorf, Rebekka Volk, and Theresa Kaya at the Architecture Faculty of TU Berlin, the meeting addressed the latest developments in the project's Substasks: Planetary boundaries and decarbonization pathways (ST1); Paris-goal compatible assessment methods (ST2); Enabling tools and instruments (ST3); and In-practice uptake of NetZ-WLC initiatives. Through presentations, discussions, and collaborative sessions, the event achieved its aim of integrating current research and practical approaches to enhance building decarbonization efforts and align with the Paris Agreement's climate goals.