EBC Annex 16
Building Energy Management Systems-User Interfaces and System Integration
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Status: Completed (1987 - 1991)

Operating Agent

Mr. S.J. Irving
Faber Maunsell Ltd


Annex 16 was established in January 1988, with its primary objective of pulling together information and operating experience in BEMS technology. The purpose of this work is to provide appropriate guidance to the specifiers and operators of BEMS, in order that energy saving potential of the technology can be realised in the target building and then maintained over the life of the system.

The annex is a task sharing project and is divided into two subtasks. The first subtask is aimed at assisting the appropriate selection and specification of a BEMS system for a range of "typical" building types. The second subtask is intended to build up a paper knowledge base of management rules and procedures to help ensure the successful continuing operation of the system after installation.


Germany, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, UK


  • Technical Synthesis Report - Annex 16-17 (PDF 0.92MB) Edit Publication
    Author: Mansson L G, McIntyre D
  • Cost Benefit Assessment Methods for BEMS Edit Publication
    Author: Hyvarinen J
    Publisher: UK, St Albans, Oscar Faber Ltd
  • Case Studies of BEMS Installations Edit Publication
    Author: Nicolaas H
    Publisher: UK, St Albans, Oscar Faber Ltd
  • Specifications and Standards for BEMS Edit Publication
    Author: Teekaram A J H, Grey R W
    Publisher: UK, St Albans, Oscar Faber Ltd
  • User Experience in BEMS Applications Edit Publication
    Author: Brendel T, Schneider A
    Publisher: UK, St Albans, Oscar Faber Ltd
  • A Guide to Sensors for BEMS (PDF 2.94MB) Edit Publication
    Author: Nakahara N