EBC Annex 31
Energy Related Environmental Impact of Buildings
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Status: Completed (1996 - 1999)

Operating Agent

Thomas Green
Research Division
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
National Office
700 Montreal Road
Ottawa, ON K1A 0P7
Tel: +1 613 748 2340


Annex 31 examined how tools and assessment methods could be developed and used to improve the energy-related impact of buildings on interior, local and global environments. This project included an international directory of current tools, a description of tool theory and methods, research reports on how tools perform and case studies. Annex 31 reports may be of interest to users of tools, to groups engaged in tool design, and to anyone establishing policy and guidelines for promoting better decision-making within the building sector.


Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States of America