EBC Annex 5
Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre
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Status: Ongoing (1979 - 2026)

Operating Agent

Dr Peter Wouters
INIVE eeig
Lozenberg 7, B-1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe
Tel: +32 2 655 77 11

Website: www.aivc.org


EBC Annex 5 was first established in 1979 under the name “Air Infiltration Centre” undertaking technical activities and providing information services with the task of minimizing air infiltration energy losses. In 1986, the name was changed to “Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre” to reflect the importance of the coupling of a good airtightness with appropriate ventilation. Over time, the AIVC has been continuously evolving to respond to emerging concerns, challenges and opportunities. We have now entered the 42nd year of the AIVC’s existence and the Centre’s main goal is to provide reference information on ventilation & air infiltration in the built environment with respect to efficient energy use and good Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). 
In November 2020, the Executive Committee approved the continuation of the AIVC for the period 2022-2026. Peter Wouters and Arnold Janssens will be on behalf of INIVE the operating agents for this new period.

The AIVC holds a conference each year in September/October in one of the AIVC participating countries. More information can be found here: www.aivc.org/events/conferences

The AIVC organizes 1 to 2 workshops per year. More information can be found here: www.aivc.org/events/workshops

The AIVC organizes a number of webinars per year. More information can be found here: www.aivc.org/events/webinars

The AIVC has formal collaborations with the TightVent platform (https://tightvent.eu/), the venticool platform (https://venticool.eu/) and the IEQ-GA (https://ieq-ga.net/). Moreover, there is a close interaction with several ventilation related annexes of IEA-EBC.

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Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA