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Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre
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Status: Ongoing (1979 - )

Operating Agent

Dr Peter Wouters
INIVE eeig
Boulevard Poincaré 79
B-1060 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 655 77 11

Website: www.aivc.org


Established for approaching thirty years, the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre provides technical support in air infiltration and ventilation research and application. The aim is to promote an understanding of the complex behaviour of air flow in buildings and to advance the effective application of associated energy saving measures in both the design of new buildings and the improvement of the existing building stock. Its main role is to disseminate research results presented in accessible and informative publications and software. Over the years of its operation, it has developed an extensive range of innovative dissemination products, which includes a quarterly informative newsletter. The prodigious output of this annex is available in electronic format on the AIVC website.