Energy Systems and Design Communities

Completed (1979 - 1981)


Appropriate planning of communities is regarded as an effective energy conservation tool. Under Annex 2 of this Implementing Agreement a conceptual methodology for Combined Application of the Science of Ekistics and Advanced Community Energy Systems was developed.

Energy Systems and Design of Communities is a project designed to produce, compare and evaluate case studies and subsequently to identify the key issues and problems involved, the national approaches to such issues and problems, the methodologies and analytical tools employed, the technical or policy options considered or implemented and the decision processes followed, as well as to derive as far as possible common planning procedures, and to evaluate through them the validity of the ENSYDECO methodology. The focus of case studies will be energy planning and conservation and the use of non-depletable energy sources in connection with town planning processes.

The overall objective of the task was to facilitate and accelerate learning of how to incorporate energy considerations in town planning procedures and to develop energy conscious and energy sensitive town planning approaches. The target audience of the project is professionals, practising town planners and town planning officials in city governments.

Operating Agent

The National Energy Council of the Ministry of Coordination of Greece


Germany, Greece, Italy, USA