Inhabitant Behaviour with Regard to Ventilation

Completed (1984 - 1987)


Although some research had already been done on the problem of the inhabitants' behaviour with regard to ventilation, none had assessed whether and how the ventilation behaviour can be modified in order to save energy, and by taking into account the conflicting requirements, energy conservation and adequate indoor air quality. The main objectives of this annex were.

  • To determine the actual behaviour of the inhabitants and to correlate it to the outdoor and indoor climate
  • To estimate the amount of energy losses due to this behaviour.
  • To study the inhabitants' relevant behaviour motivation.
  • To study whether such a behaviour can be modified and to estimate the amount of energy savings which might result therefrom.

Three experimental methods have been used to describe the actual behaviour of the inhabitants.

  • Survey techniques (interviews, postal questionnaire).
  • Self observation (diary forms).
  • Observation techniques (observer, photograph, micro-switches).

Operating Agent

Dr. W F de Gids
TNO Building and Construction Research
Dept of Indoor Environment
Building Physics and Installations


Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK