Heat Pumping and Reversible Air Conditioning

Completed (2006 - 2011)


Substituting a boiler with a heat pump may save more than 50% of primary energy, if electricity is produced by a modern gas-steam power plant (and even more if a part of that electricity is produced from a renewable source). "Heat pumping" is probably today one of the quickest and safest solutions to save energy and to reduce CO2 emissions. The aim of this project is to promote the best heat pumping techniques applicable in air conditioning of commercial buildings. Focus is given to the integration of these techniques inside the whole air conditioning system. Specific objectives include:
This project concerns making air conditioning as reversible as possible.It has provided information about the best use of currently available technologies.Technological information already gathered in previous ECBCS, SHC and HPP projects has been extensively used.The specific characteristics of the building, of the occupancy and of the climate have been carefully taken into account.Guidelines about where and how to use each type of equipment have been established. Optimal control strategies have also been identified.A selection of suitable (new and existing) building types have been identified during the project, as prioritised by the participants and according to the specific expertise available.

Participants have carried out research and development in the framework of the following six research areas:

  • Analysis of building heating and cooling demands
  • Performance analysis and comparisons among the different components and systems available;
  • Design
  • Global performance evaluation and commissioning methods;
  • Case studies and/or demonstration
  • Dissemination

The following outcomes are available from this project:

Identification Tool, Typification and Selection Guide

To help practitioners and decision makers in identifying the most "interesting" buildings, among new and existing ones. Also to help practioners in making a rational choice among existing HVAC technologies, in view of the most efficient combination between heat and cold production.

Design Guide

To help the designers and decision makers in preserving future possiblities, in not making irreversible choices, in not making new mistakes, but in optimising the whole HVAC and heat pump system.

Commissioning and Optimal Operation Guide

To help designers, installers and operators in running the system in optimal conditions, in verifying actual performances, in detecting all possible malfunctions and in carrying out maintenance correctly.

Documented Case Studies

These case studies are presented as references and to illustrate how to use the other deliverables. Successful case studies can be considered to be good demonstration projects.

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